Melanie Abrantes - Woodworker, Studio, Oakland

Adriana Bessa - Zumba teacher, Capoeira Arts Center, San Francisco


Pascaline Blanchecotte - French Video Director, Home studio, Paris

Julia Blasselle - Student, Apartment, San Francisco


Alexandra Blum - Painter, Printer, Studio, San Francisco

Danielle Broder - Owner / designer at The Recoverie

Camille Chandèze Longuépée - Owner of Le Petit Germain and costumer, Home Studio, Paris

Suzie Coassin, Interior stylist, MomAgency, Sydney, Australia

Sally Colwell - Stylist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Copy Writer at PUBLIC, PUBLIC's headquarter, San Francisco


Aude Durou, Fashion designer & Axelle Denis, Coach Freelance, Workshop, Paris

Christina Empedocles, Fine Artist, Home Studio, San Francisco

Nathalie L'été - Artist, Studio, Paris

Nikki Garcia - Owner at First Rite, Apartment and Studio, San Francisco

Aaron Hodges - Painter and Tattoo Artist, Studio, San Francisco


Trudy Hodges - Designer & Dressmaker at Poppy Von Frohlich, Studio and Apartment, San Francisco


Jen Kindell - Artist, Studio, San Francisco

Ethan Jamison - Owner at Ethanmade & Co, Studio, San Francisco

Rachel Madden, Owner of Rachel Madden Interiors, Marin County

Renata Martins - Owner at Renata Martins Bags, Garden and Studio, San Francisco

Cleveland Motley - Owner at Motley Goods, Apartment and Studio, San Francisco

Sabrina Moyle & Eunice Moyle - Co-funders at Hello!Lucky, Studio, San Francisco

Marion Pernoux - Owner of ENSOMA beauty and art lounge, San Francisco 

Claudia Rosillo - Designer and Owner at Texturable, Home Studio, Uruguay


Isobel Schofield - Designer and Owner at Bryr, Studio, Brooklyn


Vanessa Silva - Soup Artist and student in Holistic Nutrition, Apartment, San Francisco


Joel St. Julien - Composer, musicien and sound designer, Studio and Apartment, San Francisco


Astrid Reichenbach - Jewelry designer at An Astrid Endeavor, Apartment and Studio, San Francisco


Julia Szendrei - Artist and owner of Daily San Franciscan, House, San Francisco


Linday Thomasson - Owner at Ella Lou, Makeshift Society, San Francisco


Toasty Time


Megan Woods - Owner of Needle Head Craft, Studio, Edmonton, Canada


Sophia Wood - Shop Owner of Muse, San Anselmo, California

Cécile Zarokian - French perfumer, Studio, Paris


Aleksandra Zee - Artist Wood Worker, Studio, San Francisco

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