Camille Chandèze Longuépée
Owner of Le Petit Germain and Costumier, Home studio, Paris

Can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to create your own line of clothing design for children?
I’m 33 years old, and I’m a Parisian mom of two kids of six and three years old. I've been a Cinema costume designer for 10 years, and I created 2 years ago a clothing line exclusively for children .
I studied Textile design in Paris. The fashion world wasn’t that exciting to me but I was caught by the Cinema, which has been filling my creative and cultural appetite for years now. After my second child was born I wanted to refocus, listen to myself a little bit more and create for myself. Something simpler, closer to my lifestyle, my children and their everyday life. This is how I started Le Petit Germain.

Do you need to be surrounded by fashion and design in order to be inspired?
The advantage to live in Paris when you're in a creative environment is that we have no need to look for inspiration: it’s everywhere, we’re just part of it!

What defines good design for you?
Good design is a suitable design, not pretentious, that is well integrated in a space, a simple design, convenient and voluptuous, which brings comfort and serenity for the eyes and the body.

What's your favorite part in making clothes?
I would say, the color: when the garnment comes out of the dye factory, I'm like a child before Christmas... I could cry of excitement, really!

What inspire you to create new pieces?
The everyday life is my first inspiration: for example, my children, the way they move and live.

Is there any designers or artists who has influenced you in a special way?
Eames and Charlotte Perriand are designers I like. Saint Laurent, in fashion. I worked on the biopic about Yves Saint Laurent, and being so close of his creations was very enjoyable.
But I’m sure I’m influenced by many other artists and designers.

What do you think makes Paris special in comparison to other cities?
I would say that Paris has a romantic side that most cities don’t have. But I love many other cities and they all have their own charms!

Describe Paris in 3 words.
Independence, excitement, creativity.

What is your favorite places to go out at night in Paris?
I am a regular at la Place de Clichy, the bar above the Cinema des Cineastes. The Bistrot des Dames for a diner between friends, in the courtyard during summer. The Recyclerie at Porte de Clignancourt. But I love to go diner at my friends place, it’s what I enjoy the most. We invite each other, we prepare delicious meals, everyone participates, we enjoy and take time to chat with a glass of wine in hands! French cliché but so true!

Special thanks to Camille for taking the time to answer these questions!
Plenty more to learn about her and her brand here:
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