Aude Durou & Axelle Denis 
Fashion Designer & Coach Freelance in their workshop Ombre Claire in Paris 

Please ladies, give us an introduction on who you are and where do you come from, and how you two know each other.
*Aude:  We met in a Tuareg family. Axelle is a geographer, she was studying Sahara geography and I was making jewelry with Nigerian artisans. I needed someone to help me at Ombre Claire, Axelle helps everyone all the time... she is an amazing woman!
Last year we decided to work together by opening 'La Diligence' our Parisian workshop. Axelle has responded immediately to my way of working, and I've learned to communicate at work! I am very happy to work with her!
*Axelle: We have been friends for a long time. It’s the Niger which has been the link between the two of us. I’ve made different jobs before like finance, radio, Human Ressources but working at Ombre Claire is definitely the best one ! Everything is easy and pleasant with Aude. I like to look at her when she’s drawing. She’s very talented. Everything becomes beautiful under her hand.

Aude, which path brought you to create your fabulous jewelry line Ombre Claire? 
I’ve launched Ombre Claire in 2006. After my Decorative Arts studies, I’ve been to Niger. I wanted to face desert with my Saharan family and think about what I wanted to do in life… I needed time to to run through things and finally everything happened very fast: I’ve met the touareg artisans, I’ve drawn jewels and Ombre Claire is born ! Nothing was planned, everything happened naturally.

When do your best ideas come to you?
*Aude: For me, the best ideas come naturally, they are necessities. They come from words in a book, during a meeting, during a discussion, in something we discover. Once the idea is there, it takes its place !

*Axelle: When I’m riding my scooter in Paris. We discuss a lot with Aude and one of us begins to have an idea and the other completes it !

You run the business together now, how does it work?
*Aude: At first, we said 'Aude for creatives purpose and Axelle for the management'. But Ombre Claire is a small company, so everything is mixed easily. We are two friends who are working together, so we let life enter in the business… we party a lot as well! 
*Axelle: We like to make things together but Aude is the one who design all the jewelries and the financial part is mine !

Can you remember what was your first jewelry? 
*Aude: My first jewelry must have been a necklace with pink and white plastic beads that I’ve made to celebrate my Mother’s day.

Describe your work in 3 words?
*Aude: Poetry, adventure, ethic.
*Axelle: Fantasy, sharing, creativity.

What's the story behind the name of the brand?
*Aude: Ombre Claire has a philosophic story! A book by Giordano Bruno about Links. Your shadow runs on the side, its escapes even if you stay still. Its goes already on trip to meet the others!

Your Atelier is beautiful, how did you pick that place?
*Aude:  I looked for boutiques in Paris and I immediately fell in love with that place because it was very bright with these big windows. I also love the neighborhood. Right away I wanted to work here.

Do you have some projects for the future that you want to talk about?
*Aude: We have tons of projects! New collections, new collaborations, a trip in Niger next Winter, and right now holidays with a good book!
*Axelle: We have a new project every day. We are full of ideas…We have just launched our first men's collection and we would like to design silk scarf as well.

Describe Paris in 3 words.
*Aude: Paris is the city where I grew up so this is the town that reassures me! It's an irritating city somtimes but also an amazing city because we always discover new things! And people here have the same humor as me, which is not the case in all the countries where I've been... and what a joy to be able to laugh together!
*Axelle: It’s the most beautiful city in the world ☺ I like my city very much because it’s so dynamic, a lot of events all the time, so much creativity…

What is your favorite places to eat in Paris?
*Aude: I like Monsieur Bleu at the Palais de Tokyo, ans in summer under un umbrella in front of the Eiffel Tower... not bad! it's better to on a Sunday at lunch and keep on the day at the Museum of Modern Art. 
*Axelle: La caravane is a very french bistro near our showroom. Pleasant, simple and warm welcome.

Do you have a secret boutique or space that you love in Paris and you'd like to share with us?
*Aude: La Diligence of course!!! It's the best place of Paris!! You just have to see the radiant faces we do every morning with Axelle and you will understand !
*Axelle: The shop of the Decorative Arts' Museum. You will find our jewelries over there !!!!

Thanks so much ladies for your time! I love your natural attitude, your complicity and your energy! More details about Ombre Claire Here!

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