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  Can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to create these prints?
My name is Jen! I would describe myself as a craftsperson, a botanical illustrator, a printmaker and an educator. It has been a long beautiful journey. I began by creating works heavily based on my own tastes in product and subject. I simply wanted to create things through my own joy and in celebration of nature’s gifts.

What is your favorite part being an artist?
My favorite part of doing what I do is being able to imagine and craft works using processes that I find either therapeutic and enjoyable. I have gone through moments or months that I forget how to cultivate this. Self doubt certainly creeps in at times.

When did you start painting veggies? And why?
In 2012, after I had received my teaching credentials I struggled through seeking a teaching position that spoke to my soul. I felt very vulnerable yet proud to have completed something that did not come easy. I spent two months in a tightly grasping this future vision and deeply wanting this to be a reality. This work was birthed from this time of uncertainty and frustration. I craved moments to turn off my brain. To stop my worrying mind. My boyfriend encouraged me to try making, drawing as a way to distract me from my worrying mind. I checked out Twyla Tharp's book: Creative Habits from the library. I then used this book as a starting point in cultivating habits unique to myself. I also had some questions that I asked myself: What do I want to make? What would I like to have in my home? After asking these questions I noticed that I loved illustrations of produce and plants. For a few weeks I explored drawing California produce that I found interesting or new to my mind. Though the subject matter of California produce was sparking a joy within, the process of drawing wasn’t. Instead of continuing exploring drawing I shifted to thinking more about other processes. This is when I became attracted to screen printing. I had a simple knowledge of the process of screen printing at the time but not yet fully developed. I then taught myself along with the help from others in my community and close friends how to burn screens and register multiple layers. There was a ton of experimenting, learning during this time. Many trials and error yet I felt so gratified and excited to learn all these new things.

What inspires you most?
Two things give me great inspiration to create. Nature. Mother Nature is a bottomless vessel of inspiration for me in my life and provides fuel to create. 2. Other’s creations whether alive or gone. Humans creating inspire me. Specifically, I am inspired by craftspersons both in other fields currently creating and those who are long gone but left us with works to enjoy. I especially cherish and gain the most inspiration from apparel designers and ceramicists. I enjoy the forms, compositions, and color combinations from both these makers and from Nature.

Do you have some projects for the future that you want to talk about?
I plan to push limits in my process and trying out new materials.

How do you start your day and what does your daily routine looks like?
Coffee and spending time with my boyfriend comes first. Next, I spend some time meditating and being in my garden. Sometimes it is just a few minutes out there. This gives me peace and joy that can fuel me to either go on an adventure of teaching at the museum or working on my craft.

How long have you been in San Francisco and where do you originally come from?
I've been here for six years. I grew up in Nokomis, Florida on the west coast of Florida. If you are ever passing through this little town, hit up Nokomis Groves ice cream and give their orange or lime ice-cream a try! Thank me later.

Describe SF in 3 words.

What is your favorite place to eat in SF?
I enjoy these two pizza places: Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission and A16 the Marina.

Do you have a secret boutique or space that you love in SF and you'd like to share with us?
It's not necessarily a secret because I love directing people to this special space created by Paulina Nassar and Nick Sarno. Their shop Press: Works on Paper makes me feel good.

What are your favorite spots in town when you want to relax?
Weekly visits out at my local farmer's market brings me a sense of deep connection and peace. It's called Mission Community Market. It combines the idea of a portable community center with a traditional farmer’s market. I feel so grateful to have this special place to enjoy each week. There is live music, local high school students share their knowledge of gardening, vendors commute hours to sell harvested bounty and neighbors share stories and laugh with neighbors in the streets.
Fort Mason Center is a world of beautiful spaces resting on the edge of the city, with epic landscapes and abundant opportunities to connect with Nature.

Thank you so much for your time Jen! It was so nice to visit your studio again. Look at her website here:

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