Cecile Zarokian 
 French Perfumer, Studio, Paris 

Hi Cécile! Please, can you give us an introduction on who you are and where do you come from?
I'm a French perfumer or "nose" living in Paris.

Explain what you do and which path brought you to start working in freelance.
I create fragrances for brands of the "artistic/niche perfumery" market. I was trained for 4 years in a fragrance house leader company, at first in Grasse, then in Paris. In 2011, I decided to found my own company, CECILEZAROKIAN SARL, and to set up my laboratory in Paris, in order to be able to dedicate my entire time to work freely as an independent perfumer.

Could you explain quickly the steps and the process to create a new fragrance?
My clients give me a product requirement document that describes what they want for their next fragrance: flowery, spicy, fresh, sensual, etc... Then I have to translate it with raw materials like essential oils, or absolutes like jasmine, all that with a dosage/quantity composing the fragrance "formula", just like a recipe.

Could you describe your job in 3 words?
Creative, artistic, precision.

What's your favorite fragrance?
I don't have one in particular, maybe my husband's fragrance (Allure Homme Chanel).

What was your first perfum?
"Tartine et Chocolat" from Givenchy, when I was a kid.

What inspire you the most?
Everything around me, art, journeys/travelling, meetings, music, people...

Where can we find your creations ?
Some specific perfume shops or online (Lucky Scent Bar in L.A, Aedes de Venustas or MiN or Osswald in NYC.... Harrod's or Liberty London for UK...)

Describe Paris in 3 words.
Gorgeous, unique, diversified.

What do you love about living here?
Always changing though keeping its old charm.

Tell us about your perfect Saturday.
Spending some time having fun with my friends and family.

Thank you so much for your time Cécile! It was lovely to meet you and impressive to meet the perfumer who make the Château de Versailles' candles! Contact Cécile Zarokian here if you need to had a perfume to your shop collection, she is the one to make it perfectly!

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