Moorea is such a beautiful High Island in French Polynesia. It means "yellow lizard" in Tahitian. I had the wonderful chance to spend 5 days over there with my husband and below are some pictures I made.

My friend who lives in Tahiti chose the perfect hotel for us. It was totally like living a dream!!
Our bungalow was right on top of the lagoon with a small window on the floor that lets you have a sneak peek from the inside. Each morning, right after waking up, I would jump from our deck into the lagoon! Starting a day like that make it very special.
During the day we were able to see tons of beautiful fishes and corals. At night black tip sharks were visiting us. Also we were lucky enough to see professional dancers of Haka which is a ritual singing dance, and it will stay one of our best memories.

This island is pretty all around and you can go around in one hour only. For me it is really authentic almost everywhere.
If you go there don't miss the turtle hospital and the dolphins at the Intercontinental hotel; go to the legends hotel were you get one of the most amazing views; have a stop at the little village to see local handmade goods.

The inside of Moorea is incredible too: go up to admire the view of the Belvedere, the Opunohu Bay and Cook's Bay; stop at the archeological site on the way back and have a chat with the chickens and roosters that are all around the place (even at the airport!); test the delicious jam made by the students at the Lycee Agricole and buy some for you; make a ride through the pineapple plantation, test the most amazing fruit juices (my favorite is the pomegranate) and above all do not forget to leave with a bottle of punch for the aperitif at the hotel!

Don't forget the sunset and to take a look at Tahiti.
Not only the island is beautiful but the people are really sweet and pleasant, it makes a difference.
Moorea is a perfect Honeymoon destination!

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