Ethan Jamison 
Owner at Ethanmade & Co, Studio, San Francisco
Hello Ethan, can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to create Ethanmade? 
My name is Ethan Jamison, I wanted to create Ethanmade & Co because I was unhappy with the quality and design of most bags. It started small; just bags for me and my friends for needs they felt important, and it’s now gradually and organically growing.

Do you design and make your bags all by yourself?
Yes. I work out of a studio in Bayview and carefully source all of my materials from local, independent retailers. It’s important to me that my bags are simple, practical and very durable, so I take the time to source the best-possible materials for my bags, whilst supporting other independent retailers in the process.

How would you describe the style of your bags?
Simple. Extremely well made. Thoughtful.

What are your first memory with bags?
I was 14 years old and just entered high school. I remember walking around on my first week of school and getting blown away by all the different styles of backpacks and bags all the other students had. I was so used to the simple, single-pocket Jansport backpack that myself and most of my friends in middle school owned, that the  variety really amazed me. I’d say that was probably the moment I got authentically excited about carry goods. I remember buying National Geographic, and various climbing and cycling magazines after that so I could see what was out there (pre internet). I became fascinated pretty young.

What inspires you most?
That’s a hard one to pin down. I am interested in so many things on top of bags, and I feel within every one of my interests I’ll find some sort of inspiration. Generally, I find the engineering of things inspiring, especially when there’s impeccable attention to detail or faultless construction. Also, the overall materiality of a product or a clever solution to a problem inspires me as well.

How do you start your day and what does your daily routine looks like?
It’s boring. I get up, shower, put clothes on and get on my bike. I either head into the design firm I work for (Ammunition), or I just head out to my studio and work on bags. But more than likely, I’ll grab a coffee on the way.

How long have you been in San Francisco and where do you originally come from?
I’ve been living in city since 2009. I grew up in the Bay area though, so San Francisco is like an old, cool uncle that I get to hang out with all the time now.

Describe SF in 3 words.
Cold. Beautiful. Small.

What is your favorite place to eat in SF?
Little Star has a special place in my heart and their ‘Little Star’ deep-dish pizza is very tasty.

Do you have a secret boutique or space that you love in SF and you'd like to share with us?
I really like Africa Outlet in Hayes Valley. They are never open, and when they are you’re so overwhelmed by all the amazing stuff they have, that you end up just standing in the door way as if they’re closed.

What are your favorite spots in town when you want to relax?
I really like “Wild Side West” bar in Bernal- their backyard is great. Also, the stairs at Sanchez Street between 19th Street and Cumberland. It’s one of my favorite spots to be alone.

Please, take 3 instant pictures of whatever you want.

Take a look to his incredible backpacks on Ethanmade website!

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