Happy French Gang has been for years all about sweet tie-dye colors. Since a year I started to open my practice to digital printing, embroidery and recently to hand-painting.

I am absolutely delighted with the result. I created two different styles:
.The bigger pillows are 20x20" with a grey and white trim on the side.
.The smaller pillows are 18x12" with tassels made in house. Yep! I try to reduce our waste to the minimum, so here I am making tassels!

I'm featuring here just the pink color and the grey but we also have yellow, blue, taupe and green! Every pillows have a different design.
More details directly here.

Pillows featured above are:
18x12" pink pillow with tassels
20x20" pink abstract and grey pillow
18x18" grey grid pillow
18x18" faux fur pink pillow
leather pillow pink and green not available anymore.

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