Last June in Paris I went with my friend to see the exhibition of Bill Viola at the Petit Palais.

Our plan was to walk to Notre Dame de Paris passing through the Alexandre III Bridge which is a street away from the Petit Palais. When a person dressed in white with a little trailer caught my eyes. I immediately thought it could be someone ready for THE famous French white diner. After that I saw some groups of white dressed people waiting together on the sidewalks next to the bridge. 

It was 8:50pm and we decided to stay and wait until 9pm. Look what happened:
  Hundreds of people walking together in one direction: the bridge! Happiness everywhere! Too bad I didn't capture the bridge in front with everybody waving their white handkerchiefs! Look at the bridge in front! Full of people too. A total of 6 bridges where involved and 13000 invited guests!

The forecourt of the Hôtel des Invalides was completely full. It gave me chills!
Look at that hat! There is a white dove on it! Lovely dresses, beautiful hats, pretty tables and champagne almost everywhere!
Paris style!

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