Hello fellow readers!

It wasn't planed but yes... I totally left my blog aside for a few weeks during my vacation: oops! I ended up going to some places without access to internet or where WiFi didn't work that well and it was almost impossible to spend enough time and post something nice. Anyway, I'm back, relaxed, happy of the time I spent with my family and my friends. Usually when we go back to France, we're always in the rush, too little time to see to many people. This year it was different: I took 7 weeks off and as you can imagine I wasn't in a rush! even if I didn't see everyone I wanted. 

I flew there with my son and we spent half of the time in France between Tours, Brittany and Paris and the other half between Morocco, Serbia, Greece and Germany. My husband joined us on the trip for the last 3 countries. He was born in Serbia stayed until 14 yo and it was his first time back there in 13 years... His French family came also to Serbia and it was quite emotional for him to meet everybody there included very old friends. 
Now it would be lying if I told you that I didn't think about you. I met wonderful people in Paris and you should be able to see really nice interviews in the upcoming months. And... I also worked and I'm still working on the new collection for Happy French Gang. My first batch of weaving fabric from India should arrive next week. The process was (still is!) quite long and I'll be stressed until I see that fabric with my own eyes!
Anyway, the next 6 months are gonna be super challenging for me and I hope I'll achieve to do everything I planned! Fingers crossed! 

Also I want to add that any little like or share you do is REALLY important for me. I realized I never really thank you for that so: thank you all for encouraging me!!


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