Magazine editor and design researcher, Berkeley, California

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Kat McEachern. I met Kat a few years ago and it's always a pleasure since she literally is always wearing a smile! She also has a beautiful soothing energy that I like very much.  

She became a customer and came last April to my studio to pick up her new addition for her home. I always have in the studio a large basket full of scrap fabrics that stay there before I find out what to do with them instead of throwing them. She asked if she could take a few. And to my biggest surprise, few months later she came visit me at the West Coast Craft with a neckless made out of it! See picture here

As I am always trying to find a way to reduce my studio wastes so I decided to ask Kat if she could create a little collection made out of the Happy French Gang's scraps. She made a bunch of earrings, necklaces and bracelets in pink, grey, blue and beige... she added stones (rose quartz, river stone, howlite, and sodalite) and leather and the result is awesome! I love the collection she designed and I cannot wait to show them to you at our next event this week end at the West Coast Craft in San Francisco.

She also kindly responded to our interview and shared some pics of her home, see below! 

Tell us more about who you are and what you do. 
I’m an editor at a design magazine –slash- a design researcher. In both roles, I get to feed my curiosity about people. At Rue, I interview interior designers and makers who have seemingly limitless creativity and I’m so inspired by them. In my design research work, I talk to individual people about all sorts of aspects of their lives – from toothbrushes to personal finance – and learn what is important to them, in order to design new or improved products and services. Both roles require the ability to ask good questions, listen deeply, and translate what I learn to share with others.

AND in my spare time, I love making jewelry, which lead to my collaboration with Happy French Gang!

When you hear the word style, who or what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Personality. To me, style is a way to express yourself. I think that’s why – from interiors to fashion to websites – I love a wide range of aesthetics. I love when people really just go from it whether that’s an all-white interior or a totally out-there outfit. It drives me crazy when people say “oh, I couldn’t get away with a bold lip” or whatever it is that they are admiring. If you like something, just go for it!

What is inspiring you right now?
Hygge is everywhere lately but I’m super responsive to the weather so I’m all about cozy knits, muted colors, and indulgent meals. I get really into the holidays and it’s my absolute favorite time for entertaining.

You live in Berkeley, please describe in 3 words.
Funky, hippie, community.

What do you like about Berkley?
I love spending time in San Francisco and Oakland but Berkeley is my little oasis where things are just more laid-back. Berkeley is full of adorable homes in a wide range of styles and there are plants everywhere. I love taking long walks with my dog and husband and document whatever catches my eye on Instagram with the hashtag #awalkinberkeley

THANK YOU KAT! It's so nice working with you! :)

Instagram: @katmceachern

Happy French Gang's item featured above:
Tie Dye Camel Large blanket
Taupe and grey pillow
Jewelries not yet online!

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