Next week end, June 13& 14th, I'll be at the West Coast Craft, in Fort Mason, San Francisco, showing my goods amongst talented designers. That show started a year and an half ago, I was there since the beginning and it always has been an excellent show.

This year they created a partnership with Converse. Every designer is invited to customize its own converse. I was very excited about that and I signed up imeditely to receive my Chuck Taylor!

I had in mind "Ombre + Texture".
I spent hours on it, hurt badly my fingers but see the result below! 

You can do your own as well. All you need is a good needle (but not too thick) and embroidery floss like that. I took 4 colors.
Start with a simple knot that you can reinforce with a second one, and go!

There is a lining on the inside of the shoe, so try to pass the needle between the two fabrics so it stays clean on the inside of the shoe. Finish your line with the same knot.

For me it was important to have texture so I cut the embroidery floss no too close from the knot. You can let it longer of shorter if you'd like! If you don't like that you can start by the inside of the shoe so there will be no little pom pom outside of the shoe.

What do you think? Easy, right? All you need is time and patience!

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