Paris in summer is fantastic. During the whole week I spent there it was really hot and people were hot too! ahah!
No seriously, happiness everywhere, mini dresses everywhere (!) and couples kissing anytime! It was good and most of all people stayed outside on terrasse until 2 am even the weekdays. And I seriously miss that part in San Francisco. Streets are empty there after 10pm. Anyway the point of this blog post is to show you an evening in Paris at the Pont des Arts. It's a wood bridge and cars are not allowed. It's was a perfect night for a picnic at night with my friends. For the little story, 5-6 years ago the bridge had already some lockers and it was famous for that. But look today how it is!?! Apparently it became too famous! All the tourists add their locker! I think this bridge is totally loosing his romanticism! And guess what? One of the barriers of the bridge collapses on the deck side the day after we came! Hopefully nobody was injured. Usually in summer Le pont des arts was full of people singing and eating on that bridge but now that the view is blocked by the lockers I understand why it isn't full like before!
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