When I was younger I went through a pre-teen angst phase. I painted my room dark grey and black, and only wore subdued colors. I loved it at the time. I felt that it truly represented who I was at the young age of 13.

It didn’t take long, however, for me to start feeling sad all the time. I couldn’t figure out why, but I just felt depressed. This is when I decided to paint my room yellow; a happy, cheerful color. I immediately felt better.

Colors impact our emotions in a big way. They evoke feelings and moods without us even realizing it.

Blue and turquoise are the color of the sea and sky, and closely associated to tranquility and calmness.

You may have notice that most social media platforms chose a blue color scheme and this is because shades of blue represent trust, loyalty, and confidence – which are what their brands want to portray.

Purple typically represents royalty. It used to be the color of kings. Along with royalty, it symbolizes luxury and extravagance, and can evoke feelings of romance and nostalgia.

Orange and yellow both evoke similar feelings. They are the colors of sunshine, and associated with joy, happiness, and success. Both colors have high visibility so they can be used to call attention to something in a pleasant and cheerful way.

Grey has multiple meanings. If dark grey is used too much without adding pops of color, it can be drab and depressing. However, if used in moderation and with other colors it can create a sense of calming. Using light grey accents in bedrooms, through blankets and pillows, can make a room feel comfortable and quiet. Grey/silver has been chosen by Apple as their new brand color. It is a big change from the rainbow of colors they used to have. The grey/silver color of the logo is sleek and modern, which is what Apple wants to portray be.

Pink symbolizes love and nurturing. It is feminine, romantic, thoughtful, and comforting. It tones down the passion of the color red, and replaces it with a gentle, loving energy. Typically, pink is the color of makeup brands. If you think of Mary Kay makeup, everything they do is pink from the packaging to the labeling -- everything is ultra feminine.

Green is the color of growth and spring. Green has been known to restore a sense of well being, and is considered to be one of the most relaxing colors on earth. It is a natural color that is considered to be one of the most pleasing colors to the human eye. Even if you don’t particularly like green, the color itself should still possess a calming quality.

Happy French Gang uses all of these colors in their products: pink, blue, purple, orange and mint. All of the products are hand-dyed in cheerful pastel colors and are stitched with bright colors, which shapes the identity of the brand.

Other brands, such as Sunday In Color use very bright colors for their products, that really pop out at you -- particularly because they are set against a stark white backdrop. The way the color is used and photographed give the brand an identity that's easy to recognize amongst many pictures on Pinterest for example. They stay true to their brand and it has proved successful.

Even though there are set theories to what emotions color evoke, many colors mean different things to different people. So what do colors mean for you?

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