By Kirsten Mesch
We would love to have a photo-shoot dedicated to the CloudyBlankets. Some of our favorite couches and chairs that we think go well with the blankets are:

This Citrine Chesterfield Sofa would pair really nicely with the pastel blue and green Cloudy blanket. The green would accent the citrine color, and the pastel blue would help to tone down the brightness of the couch.

Isn’t this white swing dreamy? I can just picture someone curled up in a Cloudy Blanket and reading a good book.

I love the look of this tufted settee. You could pair it with ultra modern items or you could pair it with vintage items; either way, it is definitely making a statement. A Cloudy Blanket would make this couch all the more inviting and cozy! I really like how the orange detail on the blanket compliments the green of the settee.

This mid century modern chair is gorgeous. I love how vintage and chic it is. The orange and pink Cloudy Blanket would accent the blue chair so beautifully.

The Cloudy Blanket is a versatile item that can be paired with kind of chair or couch. What would you pair your blanket with?

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