I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

Here in San Francisco it's rainy for the first time in months which is really great! Everybody was waiting for that! We need water in California! :)
For me a rainy Sunday means: late breakfast, homemade chocolate cake, hot chocolate, blankets, cozy between pillows, magazine, nap, family time, walk to the beach with my perfect rain boots...

Have you heard about the French Rain boots Aigle?? I absolutely love them and it reminds me always my family and my childhood.
This brand is super old, they produced their first boots in 1853! They are based in Chatellerault in France which is not too far from Tours where I spent my childhood, that's why we went sometimes directly to the firm to buy some of their boots. Anyways... this brand is super famous in France, like the Hunter in USA, but they have "ce je ne sais quoi" that make them really special. :)

My mother bring us a pair for each of us! But you can order them online on Amazon or other online shops. 
I love the basic design in the collection of the Malouine. So Leon has two pairs of yellow (one is for sale see below), I have the red and the Marine Blue and my husband has the blue too!

I found this pictures on their website, cute children and sexy guy! :)
Well... ok... he doesn't wear boots but he looks sexy so I'm gonna leave this pic! haha!

My mom bought for my son a pair of yellow boots like above but they are too small for him. I sell them new $40 with label. Size 26 EU, Size 9 US. Email me if interested sandra @ happymorningblog.com

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