Hi! Leon spent half of his life in a beautiful cooperative school, with amazing teachers and fantastic working parents! And of course most of all he met one of his first friends, the Puddle Jumpers. It was wonderful to meet all these adorable families. I have to say that after 18 months working there, I became very attached to the kids and I cried a bit thinking I won't have the chance anymore live that again in the future. This is such a unique experience, seeing your child growing and interacting with his little pals!

Leon had a special day yesterday at school: he graduated ! And it was also is 3rd birthday. Four Alumnis came and we celebrated with some feathers and chouquettes! Lot of the families made me repeat "chouquette" and they want the recipe! We had a lot of fun, and Leon enjoyed offering some party favor and Teacher's thank you gift. It was quite emotional in fact!
Here is the best picture I have of Leon!!

Have an excellent Friday!
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