Here is a little post to promote Mine the show thrown by RAWdance! It's about mapping the human urge to control life, and exploring our impulse to possess.

Please feel free to meet me there on Friday 12/6 :)

Joel St. Julien that you might remember from this inteview has composed the music for the show!
Here is the little story related by Joel:
My wife dances at the Rhythm and Motion classes at ODC with both Artistic Directors/Choreographers of RAWdance. She encouraged me to send music to them as she believed my work would compliment theirs. I sent them a song and never heard back from them...close to a year. Then earlier this spring they asked if I wanted to compose the music for their upcoming season and I accepted!

The music is moody, scary and even a bit psychotic at times. I kept it pretty ethereal and other-worldly. The ambient soundscapes I composed are meant to paint a picture to support the dance and in turn will bring the viewer into an immersive experience. I am so honored to have been included in this project.
Here is also a sneak peek of the music!

Credits for the picture: RJ Muna.

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