I'm very excited to introduce you to my new... Dreamy Bedspread! If you always ever wanted to have a soft, fresh, modern, and unique Bedspread blanket,... well, you just find it! This one will make your bedroom looks special and pleasant.
  This cotton fabric is made with a chevron knitted cotton. It has been hand-dyed and pre-washed with an organic washing powder. Every Dreamy Bedspread I sell are absolutely unique by their pattern. I hand dyed them myself and each time, they came out beautifully and differently. For the moment only the Full/Queen size (90x120 inches) is available on Happy French Gang in pastel mint with a touch of neon orange thread. But I will add pretty soon new sizes and colors. PS: If you're wondering where does come this beautiful ice-cream garland on the first pic... Check out Chloe Fleury's shop! And concerning the pillows, take a look to the pink Cloudy Pillow here.
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