Aleksandra Zee 
Artist Wood Worker, Studio, San Francisco
Hello Aleksandra! Tell us your story! Are you from San Francisco originally and what's your background?
I am from southern California, been in San Francisco for 5 years now.

You discovered your love for working with wood while working at Anthroplogie. Could you explain us what was your previous job and how you became a wood worker?
I worked for Anthropologie for 3 years as the in store display artist, I created massive in store installations, window installations and also built fixtures and things. I learned almost everything I know now about working with wood from that job.  

What inspire you to create new pieces? 
I get inspired by patterns I see in nature, in old textiles, I draw a lot of inspiration from the southwest and the native American culture. 

What object, tool or anything else you absolutely can't work without?
Nail gun. 

Where do you find the wood you use? Is there a specific way to choose it?
I find the wood any and everywhere I can, from salvage yards to old San Francisco houses being ripped apart.

How would you describe your art?
I describe my art as rustic modern.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Baptiste debombourrg, Henrique Oliveira.

Describe SF in 3 words
Changing, inspiring, small.

You live in the Mission District of SF. What do you like about living here? 
I love my neighborhood, I love that I know the locals and the regulars, I love that Dolores park is so close for my pup, I love the food, I love the rich culture, I love the murals on every wall, and I love that it is the sunniest part of town.

What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco?
Nopa and Outerlands are my fav spots.

What's your favorite weekend escape?
The beach is always my escape, reminds me of home and centers my soul.

Do you have a secret boutique or space that you love in SF and you'd like to share with us?  
I love the General Store and Gravel and Gold.

Please take 3 instant pictures of whatever you want!

Thank you Aleksandra for your time, please take a look at her website: and follow her on instagram @aleksandrazee.

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