Hello Hélène! Can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to create Toasty time? 
I'm the founder of Toasty Time. It all began one cold night in my Brooklyn apartment with a brand new sewing machine I had received as a birthday gift and a pair of underused mittens. I sewed the mittens onto the hoodie, unaware that this pairing that would provoke all sorts of people, from construction workers to schoolgirls, to A) crack up B) stick their hands in your mitten pocket C) lose their minds or D) all of the above.  

What are the specifics of Toasty time? And where can we find your products?
Toasty Time is manifested in one flagship item: a well tailored zip-up hoodie with locally sourced mittens for pockets. It is the emblem of our ethos of Fun, Utility and Comfort. Toasties can be found on our fantastic website or at one of our fine retailers that's listed on our fabulous website,

What's the story behind the name? was taken. It used to be a site dedicated to animated gifs of fire. Toasty Time was a temporary name that stuck. Also, alliterations are awesome.

Do you do everything by yourself? 
I share a lot of the responsibilities with a dedicated crew of dancers, lovers, mothers and brothers. We like to call ourselves Team Toasty Time, and we are all city dwellers who constantly crave to go outside.
How do you start your day? 
Yogurt with berries and honey.

What object, tool or anything else you absolutely can't work without (except your mac of course!) ?
Our branding consultant, DJ, and fabric fixer, Foxy Frédérique:

Do you have a studio?
Here is Toasty Time headquarters:

Describe Brooklyn in 3 words.
Home Sweet Home

What brought you to Brooklyn? And what do you think makes Brooklyn special in comparison to other cities?
Brooklyn is a great place with lots of people with torsos and hands. It's special because a lot of my friends also call it home.

What are your favorite spots in town when you take a day off?
The Donut Pub and the American Museum of Natural History.

What is your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn? 
Dos Toros in Williamsburg.

Thank you very much Hélène for your time! Please take 2 minutes to watch this fun video they made on their website. :)

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