Here are some of my pics taken during the last 3 weeks.
1- I received for the first time My Little Box. And I had the pleasure to read the magazine My Little World where my first interview should be published in July!
2- Snack time at Craftsman and Wolf with my friend Trudy from Poppy Von Frohlich and our children. They met for the first time and there was a really nice connection between them. It was nice to observe!
3- Bye baby Thiago! A big kiss for a little baby leaving San Francisco for Mexico!
4- A new outdoor Zipillow! A special order for a friend and now available on the shop. 
5- Surfers by night at Venice Beach. 
6- An amazing secret veranda in Cole Valley.
7- Working with the color blue!
8- I received my labels Happy French Gang made in Turkish. They are perfect!
9- Walking in Castro to celebrate with everyone the gay-lesbian equality!
10- Daddy received La legion d'honneur by Leon in honor to be the best daddy. Stickers are heaven for toddlers!
11- Hot days in San Francisco. Love the summer, love San Francisco!
12- Leon spreading the love...

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