I had the wonderful chance to flight to Los Angeles last week end! I spent the all week end in Venice Beach with my friend Chloe who knows all the best places in that neighborhood. Venice Beach is perfect if you want to relax under the sun, eat good food, see beautiful and colorful houses, eclectic artists and street performers on the boardwalk and swim in the summer warm ocean!

I really enjoyed walking through the little streets behind the boardwalk and Venice canals. The houses are all different and it's a surprise at each corner! Also the gardens are very green even if not always very well maintained.
The nicest street is Abbot Kidney, you just want to stop at each store! I will definitely come back to Toms. It's the perfect place to make a snack stop and the decoration of their coffee shop is really cool. For a good pizza to take away Gjelina is great. They have a little patio where you can sit in the shade. I had a crush for Left House and Ilan dei Venice, these stores are heaven!

From Venice Beach it's really easy to walk or bike to Santa Monica where you can go on the big wheel. On the way you can see the crazy life happening on the beach or on the sidewalk: tarot card readings, surfers, skateboarders, handmade art and jewelry, street dancers, acrobats, volleyball games, graffitis, palm trees...

I wish I made more pictures of the people living there, with their cool Californian style. I have to go back just for that! Seriously, I can really imagine myself living in Venice Beach!

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