Julia Szendrei 
Artist and Owner of Daily San Franciscan, Studio and House, San Francisco 
Please give us an introduction on who you are and where you come from?
I'm from Cape Cod, specifically Harwich, MA. I was born on Nantucket and grew up on the Cape near the beach and have been inspired by those colors and that natural majestic lifestyle ever since.

You are the owner and creative behind the brand Julia Szendrei a Jewelry design company. Tell us more about that. 
So Julia Szendrei is the branch from Daily San Franciscan (a photo blog, artist recap, random fun site). Sometimes they still overlap, but it's the best title for all the goods I create, since there's so many avenues. I began making Jewelry when I was very little and then pursued my degree in the Fine Arts. Now my jewelry is a great mash up of my Studio style and Contemporary Jewelry.

What inspires you to create new pieces? 
Everything. Others work is a big inspiration. More from Studio artists like Joan Mitchel (the painter) and Julie Merhetu (printer). They both have a beautiful way of putting their subconscious ideas and experiences onto 'paper.' Other jewelry designers inspire me in ways which I should avoid. As artists we can't help but be inspired by others but it's extremely important to find your own personality in your work.

What's your favorite part in making your jewelry?
I get to share it with the people I love.

What object, tool or anything else you absolutely can't work without?
My Hammer and my Clippers... and my gemstones..... there's allot :)

By visiting your house, I realized that you have an artistic talent to many many other things! Tell us more about your photographies, paintings and other projects...
Oh yes, it gets a little crazy. Intimidating that I have 10 large canvases awaiting my hand down stairs, but this year my goal is to begin to appreciate all of my talents and I hope to merge them into more of a communion of sorts. I've been a painter for years, i just love it. Color and blending, and whatever else I want to throw it. It's up to me, and I always like it so it's really all that matters. I should probably dive into that soon as it'll be a hit whatever projects I get into. Photography is big, I work with many of the papers behind the scenes and it's been a trip to get a birds eye view of that position in our city. Photography has always been a big deal to me. I began traveling very young and always had my camera handy. It lets me find the beauty in my surroundings and others can enjoy it after the fact.

You showed me your first prototype of a surf board cover. Where did you get that wonderful idea?
Clayton! (my wonderful other half) We met in Hawaii and as an avid surfer we have boards laying around the house and I thought it would be cute to put a colorful slip on at least one of them. Cape Cod inspired, they're super 70's sun bleached simple. Draw string bottom it's a beach bums simple surf board cover. More to come on those this month!

Also I love your cactus boots. Is there a story behind these fun boots? 
My Mum! I grew up with my Grampa's cactus cowboy boot in the Outside shower and I just thought it was a great idea. My Mum's a true green thumb/creative. She's my inspiration for the majority of all my work.

You started a giant dream catcher in your garden. What is your first memories of dream catcher as a child ?
Haha, well I made one for my cousin after she was injured in a car accident. Some things are better said through art work and when I was 16/17 I had this urge to gather bendable drift vines off the beach and make a dream catcher to help her 'heal'. I'm not much of a wizard but sometimes I do have these great urges to make these inspirational pieces.

What does your daily routine looks like?
WEEKDAY: Up-run-charlie-emails-marketing-studio-post office-dinner-blahhhh 

Describe SF in 3 words:
Swanky, Sweet, Crazy (I feel that any particular day would have 3 totally different words)

What are your favorite spots in town when you take a day off?
I love GG Park. Stowe Lake. Ocean Beach, then I'd say Valencia is always the best to walk up and down with a camera.

Please, take 3 instant pictures of whatever you want:

Thank you very much Julia for letting me visiting your home and for the delicious scones. I had a great time with you!
If you want to discover more about Julia go on Daily San Franciscan. And here is the link to her Jewelry shop.

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