Adriana Bessa 
Zumba teacher, Capoeira Arts Center, San Francisco 

Please give us an introduction on who you are and where you come from?
I am Adriana Bessa, native Brazilian living in San Francisco with my family since 2001.

What brought you to teaching Zumba? For how long have you been teaching? 
What brought me to become a Zumba teacher was my passion of dancing. I've studied jazz and modern dance for a long time back in Brazil and then stopped for a long time. I've been teaching Zumba for about 3 years now, every day in San Francisco, Daly City and Berkeley.

What inspires you as a choreographer? 
What inspires me to create a choreography is to think about what brings people to my class, so I try to use songs and moves that really make every class feel like a party.

Are there any artists or dancers who has influenced you in a special way? 
The person who influences me the most is Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba. Not only because of who he is but for his story and his personality.

Describe your work in 3 words?
Gift from God.

Your classes here at the Capoiera Arts Center are always full! Who are your students and why do you think they're coming back? 
When I started teaching at Abada Capoeira, I thought that my students would be people from Mission District, but they started to come from all over the City and have all different backgrounds. In the class there are school teachers, lawyers, scientist, computer engineers, photographers, bloggers :), chefs, etc. All of them come together to dance and get fit. I think they come back because of the energy of each class, which is the same that motivates me.

Do you have a story to tell about the Capoiera Arts Center's studio? Or do you do some collaborations with the Capoeira dancers? 
he studio where I teach in San Francisco I could just say that I feel in Brazil when I'm there. Abada Capoeira Arts Center is a little peace of Brazil in the Mission district.
I do collaborate with Kids Capoeira summer camp, although I do not practice Capoeira.
Describe SF in 3 words
Place to live.

What are your favorite spots in town when you want to relax in SF?
I love to spend time at Fort Funston, it is my favorite spot when I want to relax. Also the Dolores and the Golden Gate Park.

What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco?
I have many places where I like to eat on Valencia street mostly. But I would say Espetus Churrascaria (Gough @ Market) because it's a Brazilian place, they have a good variety of meats and a good Caipirinha.

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Thank you Adriana for your time! I love your energy!
Find more about Adriana Bessa on her web page:

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