Trudy Hodges
Designer & Dressmaker at Poppy Von Frohlich, Studio & Apartment, San Francisco

Can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to hand-make your beautiful coats? 
I am a California Native; I make things. As long as I am making something I am happy- cooking, beading, knitting, sewing, rearranging furniture. I am horrible at sitting still. I think the coats happened because they were the biggest sewing challenge, I wanted to conquer sewing and pattern drafting so I took on a complicated garment and in my quest I fell in love with the coats.

What are the specifics of PvF? And where can we find your products?
PvF is my soul.  I design based on emotion and necessity; clothes that are meant to be worn and loved. I want to enhance femininity and still maintain function and zeitgeist. PvF is currently sold on my e-commerce site only:

There's a new collection every 6 weeks, where do you find your inspiration?  

I design one new garment every six weeks. I use fabric, weather, activity, emotion, San Francisco, and my daughter as inspiration. I really just design for myself.

What does your daily routine look like?

Oh.... I am a full time mom running a small growing business -it is a busy day.
How do you manage working at home with a toddler? Is-it easy to separate home from work?  
I don't even try to separate, the whole family is involved. My husband is dragged into my studio for critiques and my daughter runs errands with me before we stop for our daily playground romps.  

Since you work at home, I guess you need to take some time off outside. What do you usually do? 
My daughter and I go to the playground everyday!  Sometimes I think it is more for me than her. We walk there, I choose the one that is about a mile away up/down hill so I get some exercise. When I can get away from everything I go to the Presidio for some quite hiking.

Describe SF in 3 words: 
Energetic, Evolving, Expensive. 3 e's!

What are your favorite spots in town when you take a day off?  
Tartine!!!! Presidio and China Beach.

What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco? 
I love food, REALLY love food! I am currently obsessed with Nopalito, but I love Tartine, my husband and I like to go to Pacific Cafe and get drunk on their free wine and with a little one in tow we like burgers at Bill's Place - we are Outer Richmond folk.

Please, take 3 instant pics of whatever you like:
Thank you very much Trudy for your time and for showing me everything in your studio and your apartment!
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