Last Monday I told you I had a super nice week end in the San Francisco Bay Area. In fact, we were invited by the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay for a night. It was super relaxing to have such a coastal view all over the week end. The sun was there and we have been super well received by the team of the Hotel with an excellent wine to welcome us and a delicious Mexican snack. Thanks!

My four favorite things to do over there are:
.Walking on the coast. On one side people play golf quietly, on the other side, the ocean and a beautiful beach wait for you.
. Enjoying the hammam. Of course you can also have a massage or a manicure. I'm just a big fan of hammam. :-)
.Going to the swimming pool! Especially if you have a child like me, it's perfect and they have water toys. For me the best part was to swim in the pool which is in a veranda with a view on the ocean. Very nice. Also you may have a chance to cross people walking outside in robe between the hotel and the pool! Even if it's cold!
.Eating grilled marshmallow in front of the sea... a must do! Some people gave me brown crackers, so I had a chance to taste for my first time a warm toasted marshmallow. Unforgettable!

Now I want to go back for their famous Sunday brunch, it was all booked when we arrived!

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