In my family we have a traditional cake called Far Breton. This cake comes from Brittany and of course my grand-mothers cooked that cake very often. By taking some pictures I realized that it doesn't really looks good. But I can tell you, this is really delicious! My son love it and you can eat that for snack, or like a desert or even for your breakfast. Here is the recipe:

. 250g / 0.5lb  of flour
. 4 eggs
. 1L / 4 cups of milk
. 200g / 0.4 lb of sugar
. 20g  / 0.04lb of salted butter
. 15 to 20 of prunes

Mix the flour, sugar and eggs together. Add warm milk and melted butter. Grease the cake mold with butter, pour the mixture and leave equitably prunes in the mold. Leave the far 10 minutes in a hot oven and then 25 minutes with a moderate heat. 
You can eat the Far cold or warm.

My tip: cut the prunes in two. It gives the impression that there is more prunes. :-)

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