Sabrina Moyle & Eunice Moyle
Co-funders at Hello!Lucky, Studio, San Francisco

Hello Eunice, can you give us an introduction on who you are and which path brought you to your current position?
My name is Eunice Moyle and I'm the Creative Director and co-founder of Hello!Lucky, a design and letterpress studio based in San Francisco. My sister Sabrina and I started Hello!Lucky in 2003 out of my garage in the east bay. The idea for Hello!Lucky was sparked when I was working as a freelance designer and illustrator with a back up job at a boutique pet store. The pet store needed some cards and so I designed a few for them, on a whim I sent samples to Kate's Paperie in New York - we were shocked when they got back to us and placed a big order, it really launched our business and motivated us to keep going. In order to be able to do the printing myself I decided to take a letterpress class at Center for the Book in San Francisco. Once I learned how to letterpress I was hooked and bought my first press on ebay. Thankfully, Sabrina had just gotten her MBA and started helping me with the business end of things (she's also the conceptual brains behind the operation) - if not I'd probably still be making plates in my kitchen sink and hand-cranking cards one at a time! We're so thrilled to be in our tenth year of running this little business we love so much. 

What defines good design for you?
I think that good design is all in the details - even if the style is simple and modern, the relationships between type and imagery are carefully thought through and cleverly layered. Personally, I love design that is richly layered and I particularly love things that have a bit of wit about them. 

Do you need to be surrounded by design in order to be inspired?
It certainly helps to be constantly looking around yourself and taking in influences from all kinds of sources.  I'm constantly inspired by everything from packaging design to fashion and interior design.  It's important to have a finger on the pulse of what is moving people at the moment.  I'm constantly influenced by the style and trends going on all around me.  You definitely get much much better result when you're not designing in a vacuum.  I think I first started to become a good designer when I learned to look at, and let myself be influenced by, the work of other artists I admire!

For how long are you in this studio and is there a story you can share about this place?
We've been in this current studio on Howard street for about 5 years - it used to be a button factory!  We love it here - it's the perfect size for us, and the location is amazing (if a little gritty from time to time!) 

What object, tool or anything else you absolutely can't work without (except your mac of course :-)) ?
Probably a good pencil (I kind of love plain old Ticonderoga pencils), eraser and a pad of tracing paper.

What do you think makes San Francisco special in comparison to other cities?
It's my favorite city in the States - I love it because it's got so much character in it's architecture and it's big but is small enough to not be overwhelming.  It also feels a bit more European - good food, a love of style, lovely parks, culture - it's the only place I've ever lived (and I've lived a lot of places!) that I'm always happy to come home to.

What are your favorite spots in town when you take a day off?
Dolores Park is always nice on a sunny day or Fort Funston for a big romp with the dogs and my son, I love Hayes Valley for shopping and having a nice cup of coffee in the sun. I also am a big fan of just roaming around Golden Gate Park.  

What is your favorite place to eat in San Francisco?
I love Heirloom - not only is the food good, but the atmosphere is lovely and you can usually get a table without some insane wait!  I also love getting ramen at Takara in Japantown.       

Please, take 3 instant pics of whatever you like:

Thank you very much to Eunice and Sabrina for letting us into their studio and showing us everything. 
If you want to know more about them, check out their website here : www.hellolucky.com
They also have a cool blog that you can find here: www.hellolucky.com/wordpress/

First photo on the top made by Edyta Szyszlo.

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