Here are finally some pictures I did for the first Mini Zipillow I made. I fell in love with this Japanese printed fabric and sewed it with a beige velvet and blue zippers.
Dimension of the zipillow: 40x40 inches
Dimension of each pillow: 20x20 inches
Of course this mini zipillow is a cute size for the little ones. They can play with the pillows and try different layouts. If you want more information about the positions you can make with a Zipillow, watch the video!

This Zipillow is the first one which is sold without the insert pillows. In fact this is a good new because the weight is clearly lighter and so is the shipping price! And of course it's really easy to find the 20x20 inches pillows to put inside.
More information about this Mini Zipillow directly on the Etsy shop.


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